About Desaln8 - Key People

Brian McCammon, Chairman

Brian McCammon is currently Chairman of Desaln8. He is also Chairman of Australian Groundwater Technologies, WPM and HRL.

Mr McCammon has had broad experience in both small and large industry. His management roles have covered finance, gas marketing, oil and gas exploration, operations, and evaluation and commercialising of new technology.

He commenced his career with BHP where he initially worked in engineering, followed by a 10 year period in Treasury and then the Petroleum Division. His last position was Vice President Operations, Australia Division.

In early 1996, he joined Ausmelt, and served as Managing Director of Ausmelt is a small publicly listed company which designs and engineers smelters based on technology developed by the CSIRO and has since been involved on a number of boards as a director and chairman.

Dr Chris Barber, Executive Director

Dr Chris Barber is the inventor of the In Situ Desalination system and is Executive Director of Desaln8. He is also a director and principal consultant with Crisalis International.

Dr Barber has been involved with research and consultancies on groundwater issues for over 30 years, mainly working in the UK with the Water Research Centre and in Australia with CSIRO and more recently through his company Crisalis International. His interests include investigation and remediation of groundwater contamination, groundwater quality assessment and management, and investigation of brackish groundwater resources and In Situ Desalination for provision of high quality water supplies in areas lacking fresh water. He was until July 2005 the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Groundwater Studies. He is Principal of Crisalis International – which is based in Perth, Western Australia and specialises in research, innovation and consulting.

Crisalis International was established in January 2001 as a specialist research management and consulting company. It has been actively involved in a range of groundwater-related projects, and has developed and patented new technology for In Situ Desalination of brackish groundwater.

Chris Dawson, Managing Director

Chris Dawson is Managing Director of Desaln8. He has over 30 years experience in strategic business development, and in the commercialisation of new water and environment technologies; specifically focused on renewable energy and sustainable environment projects and on understanding the drivers of the environment technology innovation process. In addition, he has worked in the valuation and assessment of sustainable technologies.

Mr Dawson has established and run a number of small companies designed to take promising environment and water technologies to market, including two now listed energy and water companies.

He has worked as a senior strategic and market consultant with many of Australia’s largest companies and has also written and published on technical, market and commercialisation issues.

Mr Barry Richards, Director

Barry Richards is the Managing Director of Mecrus, a major shareholder in Desaln8. He is also Managing Director of Australian Groundwater Technologies.

Dr Selva Marimuthu, Principal Hydrogeologist

Dr Selva Marimuthu is the Principal Hydrogeologist of Desaln8. He was with the Malaysian Geological Survey before studying for his PhD at the Centre for Water Research, University of Western Australia. He has extensive hydrogeological and groundwater modelling experience, which is invaluable to Desaln8. He is based in Perth, WA, working with Dr Chris Barber.