ISD Development


Desaln8 Pty Ltd is a company registered in Victoria, Australia which was set up to develop and commercialise the In Situ Desalination (ISD) technology. ISD was invented by Dr Chris Barber and initially developed and patented in Australia by his company, Crisalis International. Dr Barber is now a shareholder and Executive Director in Desaln8.

The ISD concept was developed initially with funding from AusIndustry’s COMET program, and through R&D Innovation funding from Land and Water Australia. Desaln8 is further developing the technology to match the challenges of different groundwater and market requirements by continuing field trials of advanced prototypes to bring the technology to a broader range of commercial applications.

Advanced Prototype Field Trials

In June 2007, Desaln8 was successful in obtaining Federal Government funding under the Commercial Ready program. This involves carrying out up to 6 advanced prototype field trials of ISD in different hydrogeological conditions in Australia, and one trial in India with a major water treatment company in New Delhi.

One major trial was carried out from Late August to early November 2008 at the Glenkara Estate Vineyard in Victoria, where a pre-commercial unit using 8" membrane elements has produced 4KL/h of permeate with a TDS of 100mg/L for over 60 days.

Agreements to carry out further advanced trials in different hydrogeological conditions are nearing completion (2 additional sites in Victoria, one in South Australia and one in Western Australia) and an ISD unit has been fabricated under license in India by Nuchem Ltd in New Delhi, prior to trialing this in Delhi.

Part funding for this ongoing development is through the Federal Government’s Commercial Ready program.