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Major Trial at Glenkara Estate Vineyard Nov 2008

Installing the packer at the Glenkara trial site, Victoria

One major trial was carried out from late August to early November 2008 at the Glenkara Estate Vineyard in Victoria, where a pre-commercial unit using 8" membrane elements has produced 4KL/h of permeate with a TDS of 100mg/L for over 60 days. Agreements to carry out further trials are nearing completion (2 additional sites in Victoria, one in South Australia and one in Western Australia) and an ISD unit has been fabricated under license in India by Nuchem Ltd in New Delhi, prior to trialing this in Delhi.
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Dr Selva Marimuthu March 2008

Selva Marimuthu, Desaln8's Principal Hydrogeologist and the skid-mounted remote monitoring and control unit at the Glenkara trial site, Victoria

Desaln8 is pleased to announce appointment as Principal Hydrogeologist Dr Selva Marimuthu in March 2008. Selva was with the Malaysian Geological Survey before studying for his PhD at the Centre for Water Research, University of Western Australia. He has extensive hydrogeological and groundwater modelling experience, which is invaluable to our company. He will be based in Perth, WA, working with Dr Chris Barber, Executive Director, Desaln8.

Beta-Model Field Trial Funding June 2007

Trench used to carry the power supply cable and permeate tubing to the main control station and production bore at the Glenkara trial site, Victoria

In June 2007, Desaln8 was successful in obtaining Federal Government funding under the Commercial Ready program. This involves carrying out up to 6 Beta-model field trials of ISD in different hydrogeological conditions in Australia, and one trial in India with a major water treatment company in New Delhi.

Swan Valley Trial Nov 2006 - March 2007

Pump housing with feed and permeate lines at the Swan Valley trial site, Western Australia

Desaln8 completed a successful trial of the prototype ISD system in the Swan Valley in Western Australia in 2007, as part of a research project funded by Land and Water Australia. This initial trial gave proof-in-principle for the ISD concept, and showed that ISD can operate successfully in aquifer units of minimal (3m or more) thickness.

This small unit produced 500-600L/h of high quality permeate at a TDS of 120mg/L, from a groundwater feed of around 3500mg/L. Download the Swan Valley trial PDF for further information.
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