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Water Treatment and Hydrogeological Expertise

In Situ Desalination (ISD) technology offered by Desaln8, combines water treatment (desalination using reverse osmosis) with hydrogeological knowledge and expertise, to continuously and selectively extract high quality freshwater from otherwise poor quality groundwater.

The current models supplied as part of our water supply solution are as follows:

  • ISD-4A This is a 4 inch ISD system which requires a 6 inch hole and uses around 1.4 kW to produce 7ML* per annum
  • ISD-8A This is an 8 inch ISD system which requires a 10 inch hole and uses around 4.5 kW to produce 35ML* per annum
    *Volumes quoted are for a transmissive gravel/sand aquifer with a TDS of 3500 @ 35 metres depth

Desaln8's ISD-8A system can produce for each bore approximately 100KL/d of high quality water from a groundwater feed with salinity 3-4000mg/L as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. Salinities up to 15,000mg/L TDS can be treated using this ISD system.

Higher water demands can be met by installing multiple bores and ISD systems in a borefield configuration. We estimate we can currently provide between 5ML/y from our smaller ISD-4A up to 500ML/y or greater, using multiple ISD-8A units.

Desaln8 can offer water management options for our customers which are very cost effective and lower than similar volume, conventional ‘above ground’ desalination plants.

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